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Mousehole’s Tom Bawcock’s Eve Events

Mousehole’s Tom Bawcock’s Eve

The pretty fishing village of Mousehole is world famous for its harbour lights; a Christmas tradition which started in 1963. These days an estimated 30,000 people flock to see them, both visitors and locals alike as there’s something quite magical

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Kernewek Festival and Heartland’s St Piran’s Day Events

Kernewek Festival and Heartland’s St Piran’s Day

Part of the attraction of holidaying abroad can be experiencing a very different language and culture. The same goes if your destination is Cornwall. Considered an integral part of Cornish identity, culture and heritage, Kernewek was the native tongue spoken

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The Man Engine, steaming across Cornwall July 25th – August 6th  Things to do

The Man Engine, steaming across Cornwall July 25th – August 6th 

What’s 4.5 metres high, weighs nearly 40 tonnes, and will be travelling 130 miles down the granite spine of Cornwall over the coming fortnight? Only the biggest, maddest, mechanical puppet ever to have been built in Britain, that’s what. The

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Lafrowda Festival July 2nd – 16th Events

Lafrowda Festival July 2nd – 16th

Summer heralds festivals just about every weekend in Cornwall, with Penwith hosting more than its fair share. One that started as a showcase for youth bands twenty years ago, in 1996, has evolved into a fortnight of all manner of

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Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival Events

Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival

17th – 19th June 2016 “In South Australia I was born, heave away, haul away…” Born in New Zealand, I grew up in South Australia, where this song rivalled even Waltzing Matilda in the popularity stakes. First published as a

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Golowan Festival 2016 Events

Golowan Festival 2016

For something wonderfully Cornish centric and utterly unique to the far west’s particular brand of Celtic heritage – Penzance‘s Golowan Festival is a fabulously unforgettable experience. Named after the Cornish language word for the Midsummer celebrations, it’s a unique and

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Trevithick Day | 30th April 2016 Events

Trevithick Day | 30th April 2016

The last Saturday in April in Cornwall can only mean one thing – Trevithick Day. A day of festivities dedicated to Camborne’s most famous son, Richard Trevithick, the whole town comes together to celebrate, and you’re invited.  An annual event

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St Piran’s Day 2015 Events

St Piran’s Day 2015

Held on March 5th every year, St Piran’s Day celebrates the patron saint of tin mining and Cornwall. Observed for centuries as a feast day where miners downed their tools and much merriment ensued, these days nearly every Cornish community

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Montol Festival | 21 December 2014 Events

Montol Festival | 21 December 2014

Masked revellers marauding through the streets, fiery braziers, torch-lit mayhem, music and merriment and strange beasts… celebrating the winter solstice and the return of the light on the shortest day of the year, this is Montol. From its anarchic debut

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May Day in St Ives Events

May Day in St Ives

The ending of Winter and the coming of Spring St Ives and West Cornwall has a long history of unique, fascinating and sometimes pretty ‘out there’ traditions. One tradition that goes back the furthest, first recorded in 1573 and stemming

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Discovering Penzance town Places to visit

Discovering Penzance town

Visit the medieval town of Penzance and you’ll find plenty to do in this small fishing town. Take in the views of the harbour, or venture in to town and explore the historic streets and architecture… Places to experience Chapel

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A History of Mousehole Places to visit

A History of Mousehole

Mousehole has a rich fishing heritage and was once known as Porth Enys, meaning ‘port of the island’. From the 13th century, it was the main port in Mounts Bay until the 16th century when Newlyn and Penzance became more

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