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Christmas in St Ives


The Christmas season in St Ives is truly special – festive spirit seems to be doubled, just like the Christmas lights around the Harbour are reflected by the sea. An evening walk through St Ives becomes magical, as Santa arrives by lifeboat and the cobbled streets are filled with last-minute shoppers and the sound of carols. The beach in winter can be a surprise – one minute lashing waves and wind that whips your face, and the next gentle sun that adds to the warmth that comes from a town full of people intent on enjoying themselves. Whatever the weather has been like, returning to a holiday cottage with an open fire to dry the salt on your face, and a view of the twinkling lights of St Ives is an instantly relaxing experience.

Venturing out into the night again is rewarding too – bars and restaurants are full of happy locals and visitors intent on enjoying themselves, and it is easy to be drawn into the welcoming and festive atmosphere. It is just as easy to find a cosy restaurant with a view of the Harbour or beach where a lingering evening can be spent watching the moonlight playing on the sea or tickling the tops of waves as they crash a few metres away  from you. A stroll along the Harbour past the fishing boats waiting for dawn is an ideal beginning to a night of good cheer and, if you follow the sounds coming out of hastily shut doors, maybe even singing. Go with the flow each day – beaches, shops and restaurants are all so close to St Ives holiday cottages that a wander through town can open up a whole host of possibilities for relaxation and enjoyment. Christmas in St Ives will create so many special memories that you will be talking about them far into the future.

2014 will be the third year of ‘St Ives in December’ and from looking at the line up it gives a reminder of how great a place St Ives becomes at this festive time of year with festive food trails, beautiful window displays, carol services and good old Christmas pantos to enjoy. A full list of ‘what’s on’ can be viewed here:

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