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Aspects Holidays help protect Cornwall’s dolphins and porpoises

In 2022, we donated £1000 to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s ‘Dolphin and Porpoise Appeal’. 

In Cornwall, we are fortunate enough to have dolphins and porpoises living off our shores. However, the population of these majestic mammals is fragile and at risk of being lost to our waters. The threat of human disturbance, noise pollution and by-catch (being caught in fishing nets) has led to increased strandings along the coast; in 2021, the total confirmed strandings on the Cornish coast reached a shocking 145.

The ‘Dolphin and Porpoise Appeal’ is absolutely vital to help protect these creatures and ensure they remain a part of the Cornish marine ecosystem for years to come. The appeal helps to support these sea creatures in several ways, including training volunteers to monitor dolphins and porpoises; teaching volunteers about strandings; educating fishermen about sustainable practices and reducing by-catch; raising awareness of the marine coastal code, and educating people on reducing marine disturbance. 

Our donation of £1000 funded the cost of a C-POD (a detection and monitoring system) to study dolphin and porpoise population and health underwater, providing the team with critical information. We were pleased to be able to support this amazing appeal to help protect the dolphins and porpoises of Cornwall. 

Rowan Hartgroves, Corporate Partnerships Officer for Cornwall Wildlife Trust, passed on his gratitude, ‘A huge thank you to Aspects Holidays for their generous donation of £1,000 to Cornwall Wildlife Trust's Dolphin and Porpoise Appeal. Their kindness and support will make a meaningful impact in our efforts to protect these magnificent creatures and their habitats. Their generosity is a shining example of how individuals and organizations can come together to make a positive difference in Cornwall and beyond. Thank you, Aspects Holidays, for being a part of this important cause." 

Here’s what our Commercial Director, Mandy Spencer, has to say:

“These beautiful creatures are a breath-taking sight to see in our waters, for locals and visitors alike, but the number of strandings is upsetting to see and in many cases unnecessary, so if our donation can reduce these, even in a small way, we are only too pleased to help.”

‘’Please note that this image is for one-off use only in connection with this story only. All photographers must be credited. Dolphin and calf, credit Adrian Langdon/Cornwall Wildlife Trust”.


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