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Aspects Holidays donates to Castaway Ropeworks

We are pleased to share that we have recently donated £500 to help Castaway Ropeworks with their mission to save ghost nets from the sea and beaches in Cornwall.

Castaway Ropeworks is a family-run business and charity based in Hayle. Amy and Adam, along with their children Drake and Morgan, dedicate their time working tirelessly to remove ghost nets (discarded fishing gear) and rubbish from the beaches and seas around Cornwall. Their motto is “We provide a traditional solution to modern ocean pollution”; they are passionate about protecting marine life and the environment. 

After recovering ghost nets from beaches around Cornwall, they sort through and clean the rope, before turning it into handmade bespoke goods, including doormats, dog toys and other household items. In addition to rescuing ghost nets from our coast, they also recover all sorts of rubbish from our beaches so that it doesn’t end up in landfill, or back in the sea!

Recovering ghost nets from the beach can be incredibly challenging, due to the sheer size and weight of the rope. The money we've donated will be used towards a new winch system for the truck, which will make removing bulky ropes from the sand significantly easier!

Here's what Amy and Adam had to say after we told them about the donation: “Wow thank you so much! We are extremely grateful! We will put the money towards a winch and recovery system for our truck. This will be for dragging ropes and nets out of rivers or bits of beach too soft to drive on.”

Here’s what Jenna Ali, Chair of the Charity Council at Aspects Holidays had to say, “We live in such a beautiful location and are lucky to have over 300 miles of coastline as part of our county. Unfortunately, plastic, rope and rubbish litter our oceans and shores every day, so it’s vital that we do our bit to help out. We are fortunate to have people like Adam and Amy working tirelessly to protect our seas and beaches. We hope that our donation goes some way in supporting their incredible work.”

You can do your bit to help save the seas too. Be sure to take any rubbish away with you and dispose of it properly; rent or buy long-lasting bodyboards and surfing equipment; purchase reusable coffee cups, and sign up for a beach clean near you.

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