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Take a haunting trip through Bodmin Jail

We were lucky enough to be invited to experience Bodmin Jail’s new immersive visitor attraction! The first of its kind in Cornwall, their new ‘Dark Walk’ experience uses theatrical effects and the latest technology to transport you back to 18th Century prison life.

Bodmin Jail's new immersive visitor attraction

We headed to Bodmin, located in Mid Cornwall, filled with anticipation at being in a real-life prison (some say it's haunted!). The Dark Walk is where your journey into the jail begins, with haunting cinematic visuals telling the stories of infamous prisoners. As you journey through caves, courts, and shipwrecks, you are thrown back to Cornish life in smuggling and mining times. Not to give too much away, the Dark Walk is full of twists and tales that certainly keep you on your toes throughout. 

Take a haunting trip through Bodmin Jail

The next part invites you to take a stroll through the Naval Wing, which gives you a first hand look at the cells and brutal prison punishments and stories of child criminals (they could get thrown in a cell for stealing a blanket on a cold day!). As you wander through the Governor’s Office, you can delve into the lives of the people who also worked in the jail, and what it took to run a Victorian prison.

Finally, you get to ‘The Last Moments’, this part is optional, but if you choose to brave it you can see the only original, fully working Victorian Hanging Pit in the UK, which offers real insight and reflection into the harsh punishments criminals went through back then. 

Victorian Hanging Pit

To finish off the day grab a bite to eat in The Courtyard Restaurant or treat yourself to a luxurious hot chocolate. There is also a gift shop filled with branded souvenirs, why not purchase a memento of your experience to take home with you? This experience is a great family day out come rain or shine, it is recommended for children aged eight and over. You can choose from a self-guided tour to wander at your own leisure, or opt for a guided tour, or even a Paranormal Tour and see what spirits are lurking in the cells.

Hot chocolate from The Courtyard Restaurant

Bodmin Jail has kindly offered all our guests a discount code giving you 20% off entry for a self-guided tour using code ASPECTS20. Click here to find out more.

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