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Locked in at Escape Rooms Cornwall

Last week we were lucky enough to be invited to Escape Rooms Cornwall in Penzance for an immersive experience full of puzzles and brain-teasers!

Escape rooms Cornwall sign in Penzance, Cornwall

After gathering seven willing volunteers, we headed down the steps to the eerie basement of The Old Telephone Exchange to get locked in a room for an hour! There are three rooms to choose from, Death By Prescription, The Lamorna Brown Affair and the one we opted for, Cabin Fever, where we locked in with only 60 minutes of oxygen left. 

Without giving too much away, we scrambled for clues, completed numerous puzzles, and maxed out our brain power on various teasers and tasks. We escaped with just 1 minute and 50 seconds remaining, just in the nick of time! 

Whether it be a team building day or a Christmas party, Escape Rooms Cornwall is the perfect day out with family and friends, and ideal for a rainy day!

Aspects volunteers at Escape Rooms Cornwall in Penzance

Here is what Property Manager Bini said about the experience: “We had brilliant fun, a really different way to spend time with friends, working out the variety of clues trying to "Escape”.

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