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Eureka Escape Cornwall

Eureka Escape Cornwall

The team at Aspects are always up for a bit of fun, so when the recently opened Eureka Escape asked if we would like to do some team building in their Real Life Escape Rooms in Penzance, we jumped at the chance!

Eureka Escape Cornwall

We arrived with slight trepidation of what was to come, and once we had descended the steps into the eerie tunnels of Penzance’s Old Telephone exchange, the Eureka Escape team explained why we were here; to be locked in a room together and given 60 minutes to escape. There was a brief look of terror on a few faces as none of us had been to anything like this before, but everyone was keen to get started.

Eureka Escape Cornwall

We needn’t have worried, as the team at Eureka Escape were amazing, giving us all the information we needed (without divulging any important clues!) and putting us at ease straight away.

The 'Where's Rudy?' room

Eureka Escape (9)

Once briefed we were split into 3 teams and each team chose their room; a festive one, a cold war bunker and the other an alchemist’s laboratory. Once locked in, we all set about finding the clues we needed to get ourselves out in the quickest time possible, and within the 60 minute deadline. If we didn’t, Rudolph wouldn’t be there to lead the sleigh, oxygen would run out in the bunker and those of us in the Alchemy room would suffer total DNA mutation. Okay, the latter might not have been too noticeable but still, that was the deal!

The 'Cabin Fever' room

Eureka Escape (2)

We had such a laugh searching for clues, deciphering codes and in many cases unsuccessfully trying to unlock padlocks with hidden combinations. The feeling that this was all real didn’t take long to set in and we all reverted to our childhood days where you could immerse yourself in a game and get lost in the fun and excitement of it all.

The 'Nocturnal Alchemist' room

In my team’s room (the Nocturnal Alchemist) we laughed, screamed and fumbled our way through the various puzzles and when we got stuck we could use the keypad inside the room to request a ‘hint’ to help us move along, thankfully! If you need to you can get more hints but only in return for a 2 minute time penalty.

Eureka Escape (20)

We were reminded by a loud alarm every 15 minutes how much time we had left, and just when we thought we were well and truly trapped, we had a Eureka moment and cracked the code and managed to escape!

Eureka Escape (24)

Annoyingly, our team mates in the Cold War bunker had beaten us by 5 minutes, but at least we got out… I’m sorry to all those kiddies out there because Rudolph and team 3 couldn’t escape in time!

Eureka Escape (16)

A thoroughly enjoyable experience, and one which we will certainly be repeating soon!

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