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Prepare your property for summer

Summer’s nearly here and although it’s a fantastic season for bookings it also shines a light on all those cracks and creases that had managed to hide in the winter shadows. This summer, why not follow some (or all!) of our 5 tips to maximise your bookings and increase return custom:

Touch up the paint work:

Wear and tear is a natural result of letting your property. However, a fresh coat of paint can make your home look inviting and well-cared for. Not all rooms need painting every year but if there are a few greasy paw prints on the kitchen walls or black marks up the staircase then you can make sure those places are done before anywhere else in the property.

Check cutlery and crockery:

Mismatched and missing kitchen items can let a property down, regardless of how fantastic the interior looks or how big the garden is. If you want customers to return to your property you have to pay attention to the small details. If your property sleeps 6 people but you only provide 2 egg cups, buy 4 more that match. If a family wants to do some rainy-day cooking with the kids, why not provide some basic tools like scales, spatula and cake tray? It doesn’t cost a lot and you’ll see some real long-term results.

Take a close look at your upholstery & soft furnishings:

Sofas, rugs and carpets can get dirty with constant use but are vital to the overall look and feel of a property. An annual clean will make your furniture and floors look brand new and will sparkle in the summer sun! If you have any tears or snags in sofas and chairs, don’t just cover them with throws, get them repaired before they get worse, otherwise you’ll end up spending more money buying new.

Test your mattresses and pillows:

We all love a good night’s sleep, and this couldn’t be more important for people coming away on holiday. Even if you haven’t got super-duper size beds, a few fluffy pillows and a comfy mattress is extremely important. Make sure to turn your mattress regular to prolong its lifespan, but if it looks old, it’s probably time to replace it.

Provide a visitor’s book:

With all those new changes you’ve made, make sure to place a visitor’s book somewhere prominent so customers can leave their (hopefully positive!) feedback.

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