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Booking a cottage

Availability is updated continually on our website, so once you have selected the property and dates of your choice, it is quick and easy to book online. Whilst we try to put as much information on the website as we can, there are times when speaking to someone ‘in the know’ can be essential. We take pride in offering a full and personal booking service where you can discuss any specific requirements with one of our local Holiday Coordinators, so give us a call on 01736 754242. 

Please mention anything you feel we should be made aware of such as limited mobility and allergies in order for us to ensure your comfort and safety whilst you are with us.

A deposit or full payment is required to secure a booking and you must agree to our Booking Conditions before payment can be made. Full payment must be made if you book within eight weeks of your holiday start date. Payment can be made by all major credit cards, by cheque or by bank transfer. It may be possible to book a property provisionally without making payment but full payment will always be required if a holiday is due to start within two weeks. If no payment is received within 3 days of a provisional booking being made or two weeks of the holiday’s start date (whichever occurs first), we reserve the right to offer the holiday to another customer.

We will send confirmation of your booking once payment has been made. This will detail the property, the price of the holiday and its dates.  Please check this carefully and, if applicable, make a note of your balance and date due as no reminder will be sent before this time. If your balance payment is not received by the due date, we reserve the right to offer the holiday to another customer.

To view details about a booking, or to make a payment, please visit your My Aspects account.

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Arriving in Cornwall

We really hope that you have a safe and trouble free journey to Cornwall. However, we understand the occasional reality that it can be stressful and, naturally, when this happens you will want to get settled into your holiday home as early as you can. Although we aim to have most properties ready for 4pm (please check your arrival details for your arrival time), if you are collecting keys from one of our reception offices, we can provide you with keys on the morning of arrival just as long as you agree not to enter the property until the given arrival time. We can also arrange to have a local taxi collect you, with the keys, from the bus or train station and take you straight to your property; you just pay the taxi fare. The remainder of our properties have key safes but don’t worry, full details will be sent along with your final balance receipt, giving you plenty of time to make any special arrangements. We also have a secure key collection point at our Hayle office for arrivals after 5pm, just in case you get delayed or decide that setting off late is a better idea. Please just make sure that you let us know in advance so that we can give you the access code.

Leaving Cornwall

No-one really wants to leave, but all good things must come to an end and to ensure your property will be ready in time for the next guests, we ask that you are ready and packed to leave by 10am. Again, we understand that you might not want to get straight on the road and may want to make the most of your last day by staying in the area. If you are staying in St Ives and collected your keys from us rather than a key safe, but want to spend a few more hours in town, you can drop your keys into our St Ives office. All we ask is that you do this on foot rather than by car. Traffic congestion on the Wharf is the reason why we can’t offer key collection from there unless you’re arriving by public transport. Alternatively, why not delay the whole process and check with us to see if your property is available for the following week? If it is, we can often extend your stay by a night or two – or maybe more if you’ve got time!

Quirks and Oddities

We are proud that Cornwall is so unique (properties and people included!), but it’s important to understand that on this narrow stretch of land we are very open to the elements and can experience warm and humid conditions. This can cause condensation to form very quickly in properties with natural stone walls. Please help us minimise this by airing the property regularly, open windows whenever you can, put lids on saucepans and try not to leave damp clothes or towels hanging around. Where a de-humidifier is supplied, please make use of it as often as possible. Over the last 30 years we have come to understand that some guests, especially those with very young children or those susceptible to breathing difficulties, may not find that these older style properties suit them, so please talk to us before confirming your booking to make sure that you choose the best property to suit your needs.

To smoke or not to smoke?

For the comfort of all our guests, we have a No Smoking policy across all of our properties. However, you are welcome to use vaporisers or e-cigarettes inside most properties. If you choose to smoke outside your holiday home, please keep the doors or windows closed while you do so and dispose of your cigarettes carefully and responsibly.



Cancelling a holiday

All cancellations must be advised immediately by telephone, followed as soon as possible by written confirmation.

A cancellation charge will apply.  This charge may vary depending on the number of days before the holiday start date that we receive your written confirmation. The way these charges are calculated are as follows:

Number of days before Holiday start date that notification is received

Cancellation Charge (as a percentage of the rental cost of the Holiday):

0 – 13 days


14 – 27 days


28 – 55 days


56 days or more



Holiday Cancellation and Curtailment Insurance

To ensure that you and your party are adequately protected for your holiday, we have arranged holiday cancellation insurance with Endsleigh, which can be purchased alongside your holiday (if travelling within the UK).

This cover is currently offered for a single premium of £24 including IPT (insurance premium tax, currently 20%) per booking for cover up to £1,500, £48 including IPT per booking for cover up to £3,000, £72 including IPT per booking for cover up to £5,000 and is valid from the date of issue of the certificate until the end of your holiday. Details of the cover are set out below.

Your certificate of Insurance will be available in your My Aspects account with the rest of your holiday paperwork.

We believe that safety and enjoyment are equally important when travelling with Aspects Holidays.

Aspects Holidays is working in partnership with Endsleigh to offer our guests a policy which has been specifically designed to meet their requirements prior to and whilst on their trip.

Policy benefits include:

Cover should you have to cancel your trip for an insured reason (such as illness or an accident which prevents you from travelling)

Accidental damage cover

Cover available for groups of up to 14 travellers

Cover for travellers up to 79 years old

Policy excess of £25

It is an advantage to take out this insurance at the time of booking your trip as cover will commence for pre-departure cancellation from the date you are accepted for cover. This will, therefore, provide cover should you have to cancel your trip for an insured reason such as illness or serious accident preventing you from travelling.

Aspects Holidays is an appointed representative of Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ( This can be checked on the Financial Services Register by visiting its website at Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited. Company No. 856706 registered in England at Shurdington Road, Cheltenham Spa, Gloucestershire GL51 4UE.