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Christy Bannister

Property Manager for St Ives and Carbis Bay

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Christy went to school and grew up in St Ives so knows the area well. Her Dad used to play professional football so in her early years she moved around the country at least 15 times! Her family used to holiday in St Ives and the aim was always to set up camp here. When her Dad retired that’s exactly what happened. Christy was 10 years old and she couldn’t have dreamed of a better place to grow up. “St Ives is such an incredible place. Growing up in here is one in a million, there’s not many people that can head straight to the beach after school with their friends and head to surf lifesaving club. It was so much fun and I couldn’t have imagined growing up anywhere else.”

During the Summer she likes nothing more than exploring different coves and finding areas that, in her words, feel like your own private island in the Mediterranean – she also enjoys rock jumping! “I am a bit of a beach bum in the Summer but I love it! I am also a massive foodie and a lot of my free time is spent discovering new, delicious restaurants which are in abundance in Cornwall. As you can imagine I also need to keep fit so I am often at the gym working it off!”

When she was 19 she moved away to work as an air hostess and as a keen snowboarder she even moved to France to work as a Chalet Manager. “I have always had a link to the tourism industry, France was incredible and one of the most exciting times of my life. Improving my snowboarding skills over a long period of time, in such a beautiful place was priceless” She couldn’t stay away for too long though and soon moved back to Cornwall, where she worked in radio advertising and holiday rentals but finally found her perfect role with Aspects. “Working for Aspects has been such an eye opener. Everyone is incredibly passionate about what they do and they do it well! I have been welcomed with open arms and can see my future lying firmly with Aspects – I’m extremely happy here.”